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Examples of multifocal IOLs are different versions of Alcon’s Acry Sof IQ Re STOR.Abbott Medical Optics also offers the Tecnis and Re Zoom multifocal lenses.Without a lens within it the eye is widely out of focus and remains legally blind.

Brevard Eye Center has been serving Brevard County for over the past 26 years.

Being known as the Space Coast’s leading eye care professionals, our reputation for professionalism and excellence in service through techniques and technology has placed us at the top of the eye care spectrum.

The convenience of seven locations including Melbourne, placed throughout Brevard County offering extended hours, offers our patients easy accessibility. Rafael Trespalacios, owner of Brevard Eye Center, along with his associate Dr.

Paul Befanis, performs many types of surgeries at our convenient outpatient surgical facility right here in Melbourne.

That they are no better than multi-focal contact lens (and I have Another sister who hated THEM! The dr said with monovision my middle distance may suffer and I told him it doesn't now with monovision contacts.

He said that's because my eye still has some flexibility to adjust but the replacement lenses won't have that.Different models of this toric IOL can correct 1.50 to 3.00 D of astigmatism.This lens also is available in aspheric versions for crisper vision.She only needs reading glasses for very small print like medicine bottles (not for everything , like my sister does).And she has a pair of glasses she uses for night driving to improve her far vision.So then I decided to go with the far-distance-only ones and just get used to using reading glasses or try the one contac option.

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