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Using parental controls on devices helps give parents the final say about what children are downloading."Unfortunately, across the state, we're seeing younger and younger ages of kids being victimized," Driscoll said.

The app does have a 17 years old age restriction, but anyone can download it.

However, before I get to our correspondence I’ll outline a little bit about why I’m so bullish towards Azure Minerals. To give you another look at the deposit, I’ve included a preliminary schematic long section from the same September announcement below.

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Closely spaced RC resource definition drilling is currently under way at Mesa de Plata and will give a much clearer picture of the size of the resource and allow for a JORC compliant resource to be defined.

It’s important to note that the value mentioned above doesn’t consider any potential upside from the adjacent Loma Bonita, which is already proven to have a similar if not more prospective (i.e.

includes gold) geochemical anomaly than that found at Mesa de Plata.

When you also consider the significant exploration upside potential with regards to the associated feeder and/or porphyry systems, then there is the potential for Azure to have one of the most significant exploration finds of recent times…we haven’t even mentioned Azures other Mexican prospect, Promontorio, in which they currently have a joint venture agreement with global giant Rio Tinto.

No exploration drilling has yet been undertaken at Loma Bonita.

Further to that, Azure geologists have suggested the deposit is likely a high sulphidation, epithermal deposit.An anonymous messaging app aimed at students called Street Chat is coming under fire after learning that users were posting naked pictures to the app.Along with rampant cyberbullying, experts urge parents to avoid letting their kids download.Part of my current strategy is taking positions in these companies to take advantage of likely share price rises when the market turns for the better. AX) who have recently discovered what appears to be an extremely high grade silver deposit in Mexico.I got in Touch with Azure Managing Director Tony Rovira to discuss the companies developments.Since the app lists middle and high schools for users to communicate with, it's clear that the creators intended the app to be downloaded by young users.


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