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And therefore the initial real meaning of the Pyramids was lost in time and gradually the tradition was abandoned, a pattern that we see in our civilization repeat again and again.But again I would question the ‘copy’ idea of archaeologists.Because if that was true, then the Nubians wouldn’t copy the pyramids once the Egyptians had abandoned the tradition.

In Meroe and other areas of the Sudan today, there can be found a strong people with a stature sometimes exceeding 8 feet tall, darkened by the sun.

The theory that a Strong and Tall technologically advanced people built the Pyramids is heavily supported.

What Francigny believes is that the round structure was probably an older burial tradition which later on was affected by the new Egyptian influence.

Sedeinga was the city that connected the Nubian kingdom of Meroe to Egypt and the first place the traders would stop on their way from Egypt to Nubia, something that could probably explain the wealth of the Sedeinga shown in the number of the monuments found at this cemetery.

Until now more than 220 royal pyramids have been discovered in Sudan.

The Nubians followed the Egyptian pyramid shape (smaller in size) with a capstone on the top and used exclusively for royals and not for ordinary people.

Nubians are no copy-cats, but an African people strong, tall, those that endured the sun (high melanin) may have built the Pyramids at Giza and in other places in Egypt.

Investigators typically shun physical traits of people such as Nubians, as evidence of African builders of the remaining Seven Wonders of the World.

The pyramid has no hieroglyphics whatsoever anywhere in the pyramid apart from a small little spot in an obscure place of the pyramid where in a very rough way the Khufu sign was drawn, making the use of the Pyramid as a tomb a questionable argument.

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