Swap pics in chat room

People are getting creative with their face swapping, and it's no longer about simply replacing your own features with someone else's — that's for amateurs.People are swapping faces with pets and inanimate objects, and one woman even swapped "faces" with a boob.You can exit full screen by pressing Exit Full Screen in the same location or using the Esc key on your keyboard.

basically anything else (it certainly doesn't have to be another face, as we've seen), and viola: You've officially swapped faces with your BFF, a teddy bear, your favorite Kardashian, an Avengers mug, you name it.

Lining the faces up might take a little practice; but once you get the hang of things, the floodgates will open and ideas start gushing forth. With Snapchat's Face Swap lens, anything is possible.

You can also pin or spotlight a participant's video.

Pin video allows you to disable active speaker view and only view a specific speaker.

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