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The primary type of gender variance in the crowd is a throwback to butch/femme of yesteryear, and I sometimes feel like a queer outsider at a straight bar at this party.

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Before I got here, I was very concerned that there would be no gay people and I was making a huge mistake to leave the gay mecca of Seattle. I have quickly fallen in love with this city and the queer community that I found here.

Hannah: I moved to Pittsburgh four years ago for university.

DJ Stef plays top ’40s and the dance floor is usually roomy (i.e. Hannah: While I appreciate that Impulse exists, I don’t necessarily feel like the attendees are “my homies,” so to speak.

Impulse fills a particular gap in the party scene, it’s just not my scene.

Caitlin: I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for about six years.

I originally moved to Pittsburgh for school, but since graduating I have come to love this “City of Bridges.” A West Coast girl at heart, I have come to find Pittsburgh can be West Coast-esque (a San Fran if you will) for the East Coast, in that you get a little bit of everything – from culture to the sights and sounds of a beautiful city to ridiculous weather.

In all of these places, I’ve always felt safe and welcomed before and after coming out.

Until last winter, I identified as straight so I’m newly out as queer/pansexual, but have found the queer community in Pittsburgh to be very accepting and super fun.

In fact, one of the most interesting things I have discovered about Pittsburgh is that everything is on Facebook – not “the internet”, just Facebook.

If you are queer and live in Pittsburgh, you are probably friends with Pittsburgh Queerlinker or at least you should be.

Hannah: Bloomfield and Lawrenceville tend to be very young, hip, and queer areas, but there are a fair share of families and older people mixed in as well.


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