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However, rather than topping your health up immediately, these convenient beverages simply release floating green health icons which slowly home in your position.

What depth the game has comes in the form of a three-tiered combat system, with hundreds of unlockable attack moves divided between three fighting methods: single weapons, dual-wielding and grappling.

Successful fighting and the occasional treasure chest grant you experience points, which can be saved up or traded in for new attacks at any time.

If you can string together five button presses you've got ample finger dexterity for Conan.

The game is generous with the experience points, generally doling out enough to purchase at least five new attacks per level to start with, so the emphasis is clearly on keeping players engaged through escalating carnage.

There are occasional puzzles and one-off action sequences - or at least moments where you have to stab buttons and twizzle joysticks to pull levers, operate crossbow turrets or topple pillars - but this really isn't a game where you'll spend much time wondering what you need to do next. Conan himself has retained just enough Arnie to please most fans, but not so much that THQ need to worry about a visit from the Governator's lawyers.

His voice comes courtesy of genre legend Ron Perlman, and his gravely tones hit just the right cheesy note to sell the florid dialogue, sort of halfway between wrestling smacktalk and the cod Shakespearean twaddle of Stan Lee's early Thor comics. Enemy character models are repeated to tedious effect, while the abundance of smashable crates and urns hardly suggests fresh thinking.

I've just untied a female slave from a tree and she doesn't have much to cover her modesty. Needless to say, I've only got one thing on my mind: please don't let my wife walk in right now.

Her alarmingly inflated breasts are bouncing excitedly in the jungle air, while all that stands between the cruel elements and her delicate minnie-moo is a slender scrap of cloth roughly the size of a child's sock. Despite her inappropriate attire, and the fact that she's been tied to a tree by lusty pirates and presumably manhandled something rotten, she doesn't seem too upset with her situation. They say Americans don't do irony, yet this hilariously adolescent slash-em-up has been rated M for Mature in the US. Of course, this horny hyper-violence is all perfectly in keeping with the reactionary wish-fulfilment of Robert E. The Conan of this game is a swaggering muscle on legs, a warrior, thief and adventurer who seemingly craves only sex and violence.

Gli stadi sono riprodotti perfettamente e tutto girato con un taglio registico che poco ha da invidiare alle produzioni di Sky o Mediaset.

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