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Download the Bible Speed Dating profile cards from our library here. Sign up here) Print the profile cards onto card (or back them on card after printing on paper) and cut them out.

You’ll need one set for each team that’s playing we had 3 teams).

Our students went on ‘dates’ with a Bible character (a leader) and asked them questions to try and figure out who they were. To save you heeeeeaps of time we’ve made up 24 different character profile cards specifically for Bible Speed Dating.

You can find them in our resource library here, along with other printable goodies!

Place the stack of Bible character profiles on the table facedown.

The leader picks up a Bible character profile off the top of the stack.

Part of the series focused on the importance of regular Bible reading, and the other part was all about Bible knowledge.

So the idea behind this game was to have a bit of fun and gain more knowledge about different people in the Bible.

PSD leadership holds emergency meeting with party....


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