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Now newspapers that publish them have enhanced the legislative intent and made them available in one place, any time you need it.Word search the database manually at no charge, or subscribe to Public Notice Smart Search and have Notices important to you or your company sent to your email address automatically.Greywind's family has been notified and her body will be brought to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner for an autopsy.

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Fargo Police Chief David Todd said Greywind's body was identified around 9.20pm.

The body had been wrapped in plastic and was caught on a tree or log branch in the river.

The body had been wrapped in plastic and was caught on a tree or log branch in the river Todd said that Hoehn and Crews were interviewed by detectives at the police station on Thursday and that both suspects were initially cooperative, but when asked about what happened to Greywind, they both asked for lawyers and stopped answering questions.

At that point, Todd said, they were arrested and charged with felony conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

The newborn is being taken care of at a medical facility.

Two kayakers found Greywind's body around 8.20pm Sunday in the Red River, between Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota.

It's believed that the baby is Greywind's child, but authorities are waiting for DNA testing confirmation.

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