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The roosters are already crowing, but most of the street dogs are silent, a welcome repose.

There's not as much wealth here as in other places in the world, though it still exists.

Overall, the Guatemalans are more reserved, quiet and soft-spoken.

Back at home, our maid has arrived and is washing dishes and cleaning up.

We share breakfast with our kids, then get clean using our 'suicide shower' (so named because of it's illogical combination of electricity and water), the only source of hot water in our house.

We walk down our street, passing bushes and trees blooming in purples, pinks, magenta and orange, then cut off the road to the left, up a trail that climbs the mountain to the onion fields above.

The hike leaves me out of breath (not hard, since I'm not in great shape... Greg and I use this time to discuss ideas and formulate future plans.Once we reach the fields, we pause for a moment to gaze at the towering volcano of Toliman as it looms over the lake.During this time of year, the sky is hazy, because the corn fields are being burnt, in preparation for a new seeds to be sown, but the view is still breathtaking (or maybe it's just the hike.) As we begin our descent, we wish a 'to the men and women on their morning commute -- climbing up to the foot-access-only fields where they'll spend the day working.You'll rarely see a man carrying a baby, (or anything on his head.) Women work in the markets, take care of children, cook and clean. They both run family owned shops, or work in the fields. Many of the people are descendants of the Mayans, but there's also some diversity.The big city (Guatemala) is vibrant and progressive.The major form of transportation for most Guatemalan people is walking, bicycle, motorcycle, tuc tuc or bike taxis, or 'chicken bus'. Day or night, you'll find people out on the streets, walking, talking, selling or shopping. As a people, the Guatemalans are wonderful, kind, and hard-working.

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