Validating xml java parser schema

The document's icon is shown in the tab list of opened documents and when opening a recent document from the "File" menu.

The visibility of each menu item depends on the current document type.

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When a task is terminated, a dialog box is displayed and if there's no background tasks the icon disappears.

- XPath location for the caret/cursor : This is an XPath location from the current caret/cursor location.

Each document has a document type that has to be choosen when opening a file according to the selected filter from the file dialog box.

You may update this document type using the File Info panel (from the "File" menu).

When moving the mouse over a node of the location bar, the XPath location is displayed.

When clicking on this node, the text's cursor is moved to the bound location.

When opening a document from the "Open recent" menu item or by opening a project from the "Open project" menu item, the document type is always restored. User cannot define a new document type but it is always possible to assign another document type for a template document from the "Template" menu and the "Edit templates" item.

Here a list of available document types : Note : Blue color is usually for user XML documents, Green color is for transformation documents (like XSLT), Red color is for validation (like DTD), Yellow color is for visual documents (like SVG).

For changing the default directory, use the bottom icon and select a new one, it will be saved for your next usage.

Note that you can open a ZIP file with a Drag'n Drop on Editi X.

A menu popup is available for moving, selecting, copying or cutting the selecting node.


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