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The barcodes being generated are all alpha-numeric, no special characters. At 96dpi you'll never achieve the resolution needed for the accuracy given.I thought the width of the bar space was dependent on the character being encoded. Solution 1: Modify the code to use a high resolution printer device context and make the bitmap at that resolution.Now, let us get the marks of the students in Mathematics, Geography and Total, sorted in Descending order.

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This way, you will have less code to maintain, will be able to adapt your software more easily and if the type of bar codes required changes, you might be able to support it right away instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Excel is such a powerful tool that almost all companies make extensive use of it for analyzing data.

But I'm not too familiar with the spec (even after reviewing it), and I'm a novice C# programmer at best...

Inter Character Gap = 2 If I was guessing, I think it's because the width of the bars is being based on the height of the barcode instead of the height of the barcode being based on the length of the text and barcode.

Solution 2: Ensure all bars/spaces that are suppose to be the same width are the same width.

HTH If you don't want to use a free barcode library, as suggested by Yahia, I think that increasing the value of:settings. However, I think you should take a look at those libraries.

The first one is using the "Response" class and the second one by manipulating the Excel objects that "Microsoft Excel 11.0" Objects provide. The x-axis consists of the names and id of each student. Indeed, it is impossible to cover all features in this tutorial but many important techniques were covered to help you down the line.

The following piece of code illustrates how this is done The second way for generating Excel reports from ASP. This method offers more fallibility in terms of manipulating the features that Excel provides and formatting the report. It is up to you to be creative and adapt the techniques to your scenarios.

Currently your code is just using an arbitrarily computed width.


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