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It is always recommended to backup your personal files before you start the Windows 8.1 update / clean installation.We would advise you to duplicate a copy of the recovery DVDs (Recovery Boot Disc, Factory Image Disc & Application Disc) using the Fujitsu My Recovery application.

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The required drivers, BIOS and firmware will be available on the Fujitsu Support website There are some limitations after updating to Windows 8.1. Security Related Features Security features bundled in Fujitsu notebook such as the Absolute Data Protection, Security Panel, BIOS/HDD password and Omnipass require corresponding software or utility to manage.

We would advise you to backup all user profiles and remove all your passwords before the update.

For Step-by-Step Clean Installation Instructions, click here.

Fujitsu is committed to help you update your PC to Windows 8.1.

This ultimately leads the command prompt into obscurity.

Watson System Troubleshooting Utility – drwtsn32 28.

Importing or Exporting Active directory data – csvde 144.

Deleting a folder and all subfolders – deltree 143. Import/Export data of an active directory – csvde 163.

This user guide will provide you useful information on how to install Windows 8.1 on your Fujitsu PC's.

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