Dork online dating

Some prefer the boys who study, and some like the burn outs.I'm here to set the record straight: the dorks are the ones to date. Dorks have a reputation for being tongue tied around people they find attractive and for being awkward in general.

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They'll be there in the library, totally engrossed in a book.

Or in the caf with headphones on, totally oblivious to everything else going on.

Have you ever listened to someone profess their love in a language most people forget exist? There is a wonderful moment whenever you interact with another person where they trust you enough to talk about something they are passionate about.

That moment their eyes light up and they become a little breathless as they tell you all about that thing that makes them the happiest. It's the cutest and so thrilling to watch them light up.

Dorks are typically unashamed of everything they enjoy.

This means everything: hobbies, books and movies, music and food, their significant others.So writing about dating, I think, made me better at it. Oh, and you can find me writing dating advice columns over on Geekosystem. If I don’t get some reading in during lunch or after work, I get noticeably cranky. So when you’re talking about all your favorite things, you’re not just talking about stuff you enjoy in passing… Do you think there is still a stigma to going on a date with someone who seems like a geek? I got a few suggestions about maybe taking out my love of video games, my worry about the zombie apocalypse, the fact that I have a bunny named after Rorschach in Watchmen… If you think someone might not talk to you because of who you are, you probably shouldn’t bother with them in the first place. I hid the engagement ring in a book, and she still said yes. A lot of my furniture went, but that’s because everything I own (or owned) is Ikea and she had, like, adult furniture. but that probably would have made the book less genuine. New Comic Book Day is taken very seriously over here. you know, because they were worried about that stigma. What do you think all of this Hollywood glorification of geeks, ya know, like , does for people who identify with those types of likes, in terms of dating? Just as long as people are aware that those characters are caricatures, you know? And our favorite kind of date is the kind where we just order take out and crash in the living room, watching Hulu, Netflix, or sometimes my favorite channel Me Playing Video Games. What geeky things have been able to stay, and what goes? I put my Portal gun replica in the basement, but that made room for more furniture, owl art, and lots of throw pillows. Really though, I’m more than happy to get rid of just about anything, so long as it makes room for her in my life. Oh man, a lot definitely made it in, but there were a bunch that got cut. I’m saving those for guest blog posts and articles. If you’re one of those people, how did you even get a first date? It’ll give you something interesting to talk about. How many geeky references do you think made it into the book?I also think it made me a better boyfriend and now-future-husband. ” How has she responded to any of your geeky moves?


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