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He freaks out when he is stopped by a local TV station for a "man in the street" interview regarding the construction of some local superhighway and assaults the announcer, which brings him to the attention of HPD and Five-O.(Why he would be so paranoid, considering it is unlikely this broadcast would be for anything other than local consumption, is difficult to understand.) Winkler gives Five-O a story about how his name is Albert Hoffman (same name as the guy who discovered LSD!

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There are questions about where Duke would have gotten the $80,000 which he invested with Sand 'n Surf.

He says that he took out a second mortgage on his house a couple of years before to help his niece set up a business, but never specifically says that the amount was $80,000.

Duke, who has been liaising with Five-O, at least with the name of "Duke", only for some shows in the previous season, gets the finger pointed at him as the one who leaked the information. Instead, he is dragged into some mess of financial impropriety to do with dealings in Sand 'n Surf Condominiums Inc., where he is alleged to have invested $80,000 (400 shares at $200 each) three years before when the company was set up.

Dividends from this investment were received by Duke who deposited them in an account with the Outer Islands Federal Bank and then transferred the money to another account in the specific amount of $19,200 on August 11, 1972.

Laughlin knocks out the guard, killing him instantly!

Laughlin's associates include Jersey Frazer (Morgan Sha'an) driving a car with license number 3E-3640, Nephi Hanneman as Yoko (usually a woman's name), license number 2E-5373 and Daws Dawson as Linc (4E-5594). Danny Kamekona appears briefly at the beginning as computer expert Stan Cooper who is murdered so the gang can get their own tech whiz into the securities company managed by Bill Bigelow.

In fact, he says "Where would I get money like that [meaning ,000]?

" Now this business with Duke, which is very shaky, as Mc Garrett demonstrates when he has a brainstorm and basically figures out what is really happening, is designed to deflect investigation from Chris Lahani (George Chakiris), assistant to Manicote, who was the one passing the information from Resko's letter via Runny Grose (Richard Morrison), a low-level stoolie working for Manoa.

Cooper is described as an "indiscriminate swinger" who took advantage of women by buying stocks on their behalf and pocketing the profits.


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