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She accepts and they tell her they will email her with the specifics about the itinerary.

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Tiffani and Becky have always been close, she had Becky when she was just 15 and she kind of grew up with each other. Becky is a beautiful Blond hair blue eye stunner like her mother.

Becky never thought she had any features of her father who had gotten Tiffani pregnant when he was 17.

The light skin black gentlemen name is Ben he notices Becky and says “Hello young lady, I am Ben” and smiles.

Tiffani says “Sorry, let me take care of my daughter really quick.” Ben put his end on mute and tells his friend, Gerald, that this is the one he wants.

He then takes their bags and takes them to a black limo and opens the door for them.

He tells them there are sodas and juices in the refrigerator and help themselves.

Gerald tells them that the interview will take a couple of hours and Ben offer to take Becky to lunch and show her the town.

Tiffani is reluctant but Becky convinces her mother that she will be safe with such a gentlemen.

Ben introduces himself to Tiffani and then to Becky.


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