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She was actually quite nice and not as cunty as she is on RHOC.

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She can barely put together a coherent sentence as it is.

These reunions are already too long and having to wait for her to string together a decipherable train pf thought means this one will be nine parts long.r122, Fat Shannon's interactions with Archie were her passive/aggressive attempt to punish David for not taking the dog on walks when she was gone (as she knew he didn't spend a lot of time at home).

And I knew in my heart that every thing would be fine, whatever happened. )Thank you thank you thank you Lydia -- a true child of Christ -- for accompanying Victoria into the light (does is ever get dark in Iceland?

But still, I white knuckled my box of wine (50 gold medal winner thank you very much) as she was carried out of the luxury hotel like our dear Blanket Jackson. Will the throngs of paparazzi-- like vultures -- desecrate her memory? )Thank you dear Peggy for being willing to jump off the bridge for Victoria (and thank you Diko for ordering her to).

But after Kelly went fir her she hid in her room all day?

She's lame I caught an old Say Yes to the Dress rerun from a few years back and Miss Megan was picking out her wedding gown which Miss Jim was paying for.If thought about following them to see where they went, ha. Shannon isn't as dumb as some would think and that she has set this up to ensure an orange and another season. Lydia was acting like a bigot on drag queen bingo night. I used to see Alexis all the time at the grocery store (when they were renting near me) and she was a rude cunt.Their post said something like, "dont be surprised to see her next season be all about the separation/reconciliation between these two. She just interrupted her by repeating what Meghan said. She was uncomfortable dressing up as a man (even though it was for fun) and the talk of sex was too much for her! She had no idea what being on this show was like, right? Always in different cars that the husband had made "loans" on and same thing with jewelry.The Mercedes bus ride to the hotel when Kelly was sick of the baby's crying and Meghan giving her side-eyes about it: Kelly announces, "Gawd! I'm moving to the front seat; this is making me sick. She's very polarizing, can be a bully, can be very vulgar, can be loud but sometimes she shows some decency. Sometimes this season I expected her to go crazy but she didn't.I don't care."As Kelly commandeered her "Shot Gun" seating, the camera cut to Vicki: the expression on her face was, "Wait, what? She's turning up on Peggy this trip though and it's entertaining.Was the rat-faced Armenian doing rim-jobs while she was gone?

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