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However, Livingston said that while this diversity plays a role, she believes "there's something else at play"; possibly acceptance or attitudes.She looked at other areas with similar demographics to Baton Rouge — a high percentage of primarily black and white people — and some do have significantly higher intermarriage rates.

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Almost 50 percent of such respondents agreed with that statement, while only 28 percent of Republicans or Republican-leaning adults did."(People) need to speak up more about the racial divide …

we need to have real, honest conversations with friends and neighbors and our youth," Crump said.

"This translates into 11 million people who were intermarried."However, the study also ranked metro areas by the percentage of couples recently intermarried, and of more than 100 metropolitan areas included in the study, Baton Rouge and Lafayette ranked in the bottom 10, with 8 percent and 9 percent of newlywed couples married to someone of a different race or ethnicity, respectively, according to the report released last month.

Across the nation, Asian and Hispanic people were the most likely race or ethnicity to intermarry, while white people were the least likely.

protecting whiteness and keeping the community divided," said Maxine Crump, the president and CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana.

She said higher percentages in intermarried couples is something she considers a positive thing for a community, a mark of real progress in how people choose to interact with each other.

"You’re likely to have a very distorted group and, perhaps, see them undesirable as employees, friends, neighbors, and of course, as partners.”New Orleans was neither near the bottom nor the top with 16 percent of newlyweds intermarried. Census Bureau data in their report, defining a newlywed as someone married 12 months prior to being surveyed. The study refers intermarriages as those between a Hispanic person and a non-Hispanic person or marriages between non-Hispanic spouses who come from the following different racial groups: white, black, Asian, American Indian, multiracial or some other race."The growth in intermarriage has coincided with shifting societal norms as Americans have become more accepting of marriages involving spouses of different races and ethnicities, even within their own families," the study says.

Honolulu was the metro area with the highest percentage of intermarried newlyweds, at 42 percent. In 1990, 63 percent of non-black adults said they would be very or somewhat opposed to a close relative marrying a black person, but today, that figure is around 14 percent, an almost 50-point drop, the study reports.

That figure rises only marginally in urban areas: Just 8 per cent of couples were in mixed-race relationships in Toronto, 10 per cent in Vancouver.


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