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Finding and merging duplicate rows in Excel may be a real nightmare and obviously everyone would like to avoid doing this work manually.

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This tool will find, match and merge rows from two Excel worksheets in seconds, no matter how many rows each spreadsheet contains.

The design of the wizard is pretty much similar to the Combine Rows Wizard we've used in two previous examples, so it should already look familiar to you : ) Okay, to combine matching rows from 2 spreadsheets, do as follows: , wait for a couple of seconds and as the result you have all matching rows from two Excel worksheets merged into a single table: If you are interested to try the Merge Tables Wizard, go ahead and download a trial version here.

If you like any of the merging tools described in this article, you have several options to get them: Hopefully, now you can merge rows in your Excel sheets exactly as you want them.

If you are looking for something different and have not found the solution in this article, just leave a comment and we will try to figure out a way together.

This is what we are looking for: If you have a fairly few entries to be combined, you can select each 3 rows and merge each block individually using the Merge Cells Wizard as we discussed in How to merge Excel rows without losing data.

But if you have hundreds and thousands of records in your database, this is definitely not a very elegant solution.

This tutorial provides solutions for 4 different scenarios of merging rows in Excel.

See how you can quickly merge multiple rows without losing data; combine duplicate rows, repeatedly merge blocks of rows and copy matching rows from two different spreadsheets.

And further on this this article you will find several methods that will let you merge multiple rows in Excel without losing any data.

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