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This tool will find, match and merge rows from two Excel worksheets in seconds, no matter how many rows each spreadsheet contains.

The design of the wizard is pretty much similar to the Combine Rows Wizard we've used in two previous examples, so it should already look familiar to you : ) Okay, to combine matching rows from 2 spreadsheets, do as follows: , wait for a couple of seconds and as the result you have all matching rows from two Excel worksheets merged into a single table: If you are interested to try the Merge Tables Wizard, go ahead and download a trial version here.

Merging rows in Excel is one of the most common tasks that all of us need to perform every now and then.

This tutorial provides solutions for 4 different scenarios of merging rows in Excel.

See how you can quickly merge multiple rows without losing data; combine duplicate rows, repeatedly merge blocks of rows and copy matching rows from two different spreadsheets.

If you like any of the merging tools described in this article, you have several options to get them: Hopefully, now you can merge rows in your Excel sheets exactly as you want them.

If you are looking for something different and have not found the solution in this article, just leave a comment and we will try to figure out a way together.

For example, you have sales reports for January and February in two different worksheets and you want to combine them into one." column to the first workbook because the products won't match.

Another add-in from Able Bits will work a treat in this case - Merge Tables Wizard.

What you need is to merge every three rows into one, i.e.

repeatedly merge the blocks of three rows in an Excel sheet.

A bunch of values in one of the columns are essentially the same while data in other columns are different.

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