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The demonstrators included hundreds of black-clad anarchists in crash helmets and ski masks, who repeatedly taunted and attacked riot police with stones and petrol bombs, at one point spraying officers with brown paint.

But it has called for European and international support for its program, saying that unless it receives that support and the cost for it to borrow on the market falls, it might have to appeal to the International Monetary Fund for help.

On Wednesday night, Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Pangalos said Greece could bypass the costly process of borrowing from edgy markets by urging international institutions to buy its bonds at a set interest rate.'We want, if there is an unjustified speculative attack against Greek bonds, to know that one of these institutions that have the substantial means to absorb such market products will come and say "look here, I am buying Greek bonds at this price, with this interest rate,"' Pangalos told private Mega TV.

Organisers said some 60,000 people took part in the protest.

But an unofficial police estimate set the crowd at around 20,000 - including those that took part in a separate, peaceful march earlier Thursday.

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  1. Estonia has linguistic and cultural ties with Finland.

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  7. CDC ACE Study site Wikipedia — Adverse Childhood Experiences Study The 10 ACE Questions (and 14 resilience survey questions) What’s particularly startling is that the 17,000 ACE Study participants were mostly white, middle- and upper-middle class, college-educated, and all had jobs and great health care (they were all members of Kaiser Permanente).

  8. The song was written by Derulo, Red One, Novel Jannusi, Aleena Gibson, Molly Sandén, Rush and Jordan Sapp while the songs production was handled by Red One, Rush and Beat Geek.

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