Gpt disk not validating in failover cluster

What I prefer to do is to create a temporary virtual machine to mount the ISO of Gparted and a copy the disk you want to work on.

gpt disk not validating in failover cluster-73

When doing P2V, V2V or even P2P the need to deal with legacy partition / volume layouts and other disk housekeeping tasks often arises.

While the Windows inbox tools have gotten way better over the years we’re often left with lacking capabilities.

With virtual machines working on a copy of the virtual disk is also a good option. This is a powerful open source tool that can be used for many disk and volume based operations on both physical and virtual disks.

I’ve even used it to move my home workstation from SATA HHD to SATA SSD drives.

When all went well you swap out the original disk on the production virtual machine for the one you edited.

Naturally you can also do the work on the existing virtual machine. You can use a generation 2 virtual machine without issues as long as you make sure to disable secure boot.

I’ve discussed resizing virtual hard disks in Windows Hyper-V before.

In Windows Server 212 R2 and the VHDX format even allows us to extend and shrink the virtual disks on line.

I select the partition I want to move and hit the resize button … Let’s boot our virtual machine and take a look at disk management: The picture in your virtual machine shows a volume layout in the guest on a virtual hard disk that we can shrink now using Hyper-V manager or Power Shell if we want to. Sometimes the in box tools to deal with disks and volumes can’t handle specific situations but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck.


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