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During the Twilight years, people would tell you who you should be, where you should be, and what kind of career you should have—and you just can't get lost in that.

As Twilight dwindled down, [I] could at times be left questioning what was next.

Last year, Rachelle Lefevre was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard because of a similar salary dispute.

franchise have left Vancouver, the lower tier actors are walking on looser leashes.

I've been very grateful to have a supportive family and an authentic group of friends who can call me out on my bulls—t and be there as my support system. I look at everything I've done as a gift from god, and I’m grateful for all that's come.

I remember being on the set of my film Stick It years ago, and Jeff Bridges told me, “You have to create a life outside of the industry versus creating your life in the industry.” The industry's always changing, so if you can find happiness outside of it, then you have a foundation, an anchor, and a reality when times are slow or super hectic—and you're gonna function just fine. I've gone through years where I did four movies and a show, but then in this last year I've only done one movie.

Which is why a couple of them, after several weeks of being ordered to stay undercover, were wide open and accessible for papping yesterday during their final days of production.

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone were out for lunch. And apparently they were initially holding hands until they were spotted.

I'm really proud of it.” You filmed The Osiris Child in Australia. I had no perception of what Coober Pedy was—I had never even heard of it.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the desert out there, and we saw all the opal fields and the mining.

"I love playing the hero and driving fast cars and shooting guns and fighting people, but it's great to switch it up.

This was unique, because it was more of a drama with layers of hopelessness and faithfulness in many of the characters, mine included. We got to shoot some of the scenes in [the opal capital of the world] Coober Pedy, and that place was just so uniquely bizarre.

I've always been appreciative—not worrying about the future, but looking back at the past and just being grateful for everything that I’ve done and all the amazing memories.


  1. They’ve run versions of this play before, including the opener against the Patriots.

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  3. Debina came to Mumbai for a talent hunt contest, where she met Gurmeet for the first time.

  4. 9.) He was a director of the State Bank of America, along with Central Trust trustees Samuel Thorne, Frederick P.

  5. There are also other significant reasons why a younger guy might especially enjoy dating an older woman.

  6. On the other hand, some compare it with a night in Las Vegas where you spend money hoping for greater gain but lose everything you came with, if not exhaust your bank account as well.

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