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This feeling is quite understandable given that for many, life in the host country is perceived as temporary, however as time passes ‘home’ in the native country becomes more distant.The main concern is that while being temporarily abroad, the lives of one’s peers, relatives and friends back home move on too: families get established, careers progress and house mortgages get paid.Is the first and only 100% free dating site for ladyboys or transgenders and men.

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But therein lies the expat’s problem: there’s nothing back home for me now” Well, plainly speaking, the solution to such ‘rootless’ situation is quite simple, as it is up to only two choices: either settle abroad, or return back home.

As discussed, returning back home may not be easy, and indeed, it may be perceived as starting all over again.

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For many, experiencing globetrotting before ‘settling down’ at home becomes very sought-after.

However, when it is time to pack up and head back, the reality of repatriation turns out to be not as easy as expected.

According to a Unesco report, by 2009 there were 3.4 million students on the move each year, and the number is expected to grow.

Students get more globally mobile than ever before.

As noted in a recent International Herald Tribune article, there is ‘the dark side of expat life’.

The comments provided in the article imply that young people living away from their home countries feel somewhat ‘stuck in limbo, neither here nor there’.

Hence, you should be ready to face changes in yourself, other people, places and lifestyles, as the result of the move itself and the effect of time.

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