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Multiple ticket orders for the same party, (minimum of 4 tickets per order), are fine as long as the total of all orders per party is at least half of the expected headcount.Advance tickets are non-refundable but they can be transferred to another person or date if you cannot attend.

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Please keep us posted of any changes to your headcount so we can hold the correct amount of seats at your table.

Tickets for the same day can only be purchased until 4 pm on the date of the event or until the tickets available in the section you request sell out.

When she is not working, Lynette enjoys working out, computers, traveling, meeting new people, photo shoots, good healthy food, and charity work. Xotic Spot also offers customized sites and fully managed site solutions.

We are currently partnered with dozens of clubs in Portland Oregon and Montana and growing.

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The tools we provide include text messaging, business cards, profiles with the ability to post schedules, display photos, and send messages to other users.

Xotic Spot allows communication in a safe and secure manner without exchanging personal information.

- The Firehouse Cabaret on 02/10 • MONDAY MADNESS CHURCH!! We will make sure that you are kept up to date with the best information about who is dancing where and what's happening in your local strip clubs.

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