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Her looks and appeal landed her a role in the (forgettable) movie The Animal alongside Rob Schneider, and since then she has been harder to find than Osama Bin Laden. Probably one of the most ripped-off contestants in terms of an edit, Kelly wasn’t given a single confessional till episode 7 of Nicaragua and barely made much more of an appearance till she quit the game.

Easily one of our most requested guests, the hunt is on for Miss Haskell, and we just hope we won’t end up in Pakistan looking for her. Which is sad, because there is so much to this bubbly Hawaiian that people missed out on! She was named the hottest Survivor contestant from the first 8 seasons on the All-Stars reunion, and while she has only just scraped into the top 10 on our list, she still stands the test of time as one of the hottest women the show has ever seen. But Elisabeth still cracks the top 10, and was the personification of the girl every guy wanted to marry in 2001 during the second season.

Kelly Sharbaugh, or as some on this show have referred to her as ‘the blonde Kelly in Russell’s season and the dreadlocks’, enters in the top 20 with 7 of you drooling over the prospect to see a picture of her on our site.

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Whatever happens, we know you want to keep looking at Christina!

The first ever Survivor ‘hot chick’, Colleen was the girl next door personified and her ‘fling’ with Greg will go down as one of the most memorable in the show’s history.

The first ever Survivor contestant to appear in Playboy probably gives Survivor viewers some good feelings, but we think it’s her tough female persona mixed with a great body and stunning features that are a big drawcard to Jerri!

Shame she recently got married, single guys and gals are sad now!

Oh, and getting into cat fights with other women over hidden immunity idol clues whilst the sexiest male contestant of all time watches is also another appeal. Courtney may be small in size, but it was enough for you to vote her just outside the top 20.

‘The sexiest mortician in Survivor history’, Darrah proves once again that the southern charm is a big drawcard to viewers when it comes to Survivor. She is also a physical beast capable of going on an immunity run and surprising many whilst doing so. And we don’t ever argue with your choices, and we aren’t going to now, as we feel Courtney oozes enough sex appeal to warrant inclusion on this list!

Her interview with us is one of the most popular we have ever done, and let’s face it, the chick is absolutely stunning! You can call Julie many things, but just don’t call her the ex-Mrs Probst! Just make sure Boston Rob is out in Samoa or Nicaragua for 39 days before attempting a move on her. Arguably the most successful contestant to ever come out of the show, you can switch on your TV nearly every day to see the now married Elisabeth as one of the co-hosts of The View.

Known more probably for dating the host than her game play, her looks and charm certainly suckered in our favourite Emmy award winning master of ceremonies and for 14 of you, there is no doubting that you wish you were Jeff for the few years they were together. And while she may not exactly appeal to a lot of viewers on that show, she certainly had that appeal during her time on Survivor.

Whatever the case, Jenna enters our list at number 7. But it wasn’t to be for Brenda, so we’re sure she’ll accept 6th place on the sexiest women poll as somewhat of a victory.

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