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As for the update, do note that you have to restart your phone for the changes to be visible.

If you're just looking for a count of unread messages, you could use something like Ultimate Custom Clock Widget too. If you need only SMS items to displayed there are several Apps in market.

You can use SMSPopup which will allow it to show up on top of any application, including your lockscreen (it can even turn your phone on for a few seconds so you can see the pop up). Alternatively, there is a option in settings to preview the whole sms in the notification bar If you're coming to Google's platform from the i Phone, one of the most jarring changes is that receiving text messages doesn't turn your display on so you can see what's being said. The app has a very simple purpose: when you receive a text message, the display will turn on for a moment, showing a pop-up that allows you to jump directly to the message itself.

We’re talking lock screen, notifications, recents — the whole nine. The first thing users will notice is a totally revamped lock screen, one that now has widgets, odd notification management, and even an apps tray that can be dragged up to display 16 different app shortcuts.

Running with the idea of different lock screen layouts based on time of day and/or location, users can set “routines” inside the app.

The Lumia-exclusive feature displays time, missed calls, texts and emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications among others when the screen is off, negating the need for you to unlock the device to quickly check an incoming notification.

If the feature sounds familiar, it is because it was already available in Glance Background Beta.

After Samsung introduced a new UI for the Galaxy S6, we didn’t see many changes for this year’s Galaxy S7.

Sure the notification shade received a color swap, but for the most part, things mostly remained the same.

Android enthusiasts from all over the would sure appreciate it a lot more than whatever the heck this thing was.


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