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Recents has been retooled as well, with recent apps now presented in a list view (along with a weird scrolling animation).

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It looks like Microsoft is integrating the functionality from that over to the official Glance Screen.

Also, if you want functionality that is above and beyond what Glance currently offers, there are utilities like Day Glance that aim to do just that.

But Good Lock changes more than just the lock screen…

Good Lock also features a completely new notification shade which, at first glance, appears to mirror the look of stock Android (only with a weird new color scheme). Notifications can now be grouped into folders with the ability to save notifications for later in a new “keep” tab.

I just gave up my i Phone and this is something I'm really missing. you must access settings from the main screen of the Messaging app, not from within a conversation within Messaging.

To me it is annoying to have to click on a message just to see if the person responded "ok" or something that could easily be displayed on the screen. This is one of those apps that has different menus for "settings" depending on which screen you're currently viewing.

Android enthusiasts from all over the would sure appreciate it a lot more than whatever the heck this thing was.

Glance Screen just received an update that allows you to set your lockscreen photo as the background.

The Lumia-exclusive feature displays time, missed calls, texts and emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications among others when the screen is off, negating the need for you to unlock the device to quickly check an incoming notification.

If the feature sounds familiar, it is because it was already available in Glance Background Beta.

In what can only be described as some sort of bizarre experiment (or April Fool’s prank), Samsung is releasing an interesting new app called Good Lock that looks to “breathe the smart life into your Galaxy.” Um, OK.


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