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It is part of a system that also contains a debris disk and at least four massive planets.

Those planets, along with Fomalhaut b, were the first extrasolar planets whose orbital motion was confirmed via direct imaging.

Brown dwarfs would not be stable in such a configuration.

The best accepted value for an age of HR 8799 is 30 million years, consistent with being a member of the Columba Association co-moving group of stars.

Statistically, for stars hosting a debris disk, the luminosity of this star suggests an age of about 20–150 million years.

Comparison with stars having similar motion through space gives an age in the range 30–160 million years.

The late persistence in Southern Iberia of a Neandertal-associated Middle Paleolithic is supported by the archeological stratigraphy and the radiocarbon and luminescence dating of three newly excavated localities in the Mula basin of Murcia (Spain).

At Cueva Antón, Mousterian layer I-k can be no more than 37,100 years-old.

Detailed analysis of the star's spectrum reveals that it has a slight overabundance of carbon and oxygen compared to the Sun (by approximately 30% and 10% respectively).

While some Lambda Boötis stars have sulfur abundances similar to that of the Sun, this is not the case for HR 8799; the sulfur abundance is only around 35% of the solar level.

The designation HR 8799 is the star's identifier in the Bright Star Catalogue.


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