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People living in cities tend to be happier in their relationships.

Men tend to be more positive, happy, and satisfied in their relationships than women: 80% of men (vs.

76% of women) reported that they're "in love" with their partner or spouse.

Guiding Architects is an international network for architectural guided tours.

Thousands of years later, when some of these Himalayan Rivers became non-perennial or started drying up, some of these people started moving towards Central Asia and Europe.

As per ecologists this ecological cycle has been repeating itself and will get repeated after every ice age and during the beginnings of all Holocene cycles.

Our members are independent companies, offering professional architecture tours in the region or city where they are based.

We conduct guided tours for experts and non-experts, hold lectures, publish specialised texts, and organise workshops and symposia.

and conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 64% of Americans are "very happy" in their romantic relationships with a partner or spouse and ~50% report being happy with their sex lives.

The new survey reveals that millennials ages 25 to 34 are the happiest.

The beginning of the Holocene (post last ice age) is now universally accepted to be around 12000 BP.

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