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According to some data sociopaths represent around three to five percent of our population.

In other words they are real sharks, endlessly seeking the prey to fill their emotional emptiness with possessions, be they things or other people.

And they are literally insatiable in their needs, and are highly focused in their pursuit of them.

There two large group of dangerous managers who typically make the life of subordinates a living hell. (see Understanding Borderline Rage), which serves as a vehicles of intimidation and can be carefully rehearsed.

The key differential is the amount of deceit in daily interactions and about personal and family history.

And they blend extremely well into the current environment within government and mega corporations.

As all of them there is one important encompassing feature: predation.

Most individuals in modern societies are caught up in the perpetual struggle of striking a balance between pursuing their own interests and respecting others' rights.

When their own pursuits take precedent over others, individuals typically feel some guilt or shame about their greed.

But praise where it’s due for its Paradise Papers two-part exposé on tax havens.

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