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Optimism on part of Sri Lankan refugees towards the overall improvement in the situation is reflected in their growing voluntary returns from Tamil Nadu in India.

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Key issues such as the separation of family members; lack of personal documentation (e.g.

land deeds, birth, marriage and death certificates); displacement and rehabilitation procedures; and the need for livelihood support prevail.

However the consequences of the conflict between the government and LTTE impacted not just Tamils, but also Sinhalese and Muslim civilians.

Even with the end of the war, the government continues in its efforts in identifying those being LTTE operatives or sympathizers.

‘There are no human rights in Sri Lanka’ Amnesty International, This document showcases humnan rights abuses that activists are subjected to in Sri Lanka.

It provides real life stories of abuse and torture that “anyone who dares to criticise the authorities” faces.

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OVERVIEW | PERSECUTED POPULATIONS | ESSENTIAL SOURCES | COUNTRIES OF ASYLUM | SRI LANKANS IN CANADA – SETTLEMENT EXPERIENCES | CULTURAL PROFILES | MULTI-MEDIA | NEWS The long standing civil conflict between Sri Lankan government forces and rebel separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), finally came to an end in May 2009.

It is frequently cited that in the conflict-affected north and east, young and middle aged Tamil men are particularly thought to be at risk of persecution and harassment due to their social groups and/or political opinions.

During the war, the majority of victims subject to arbitrary arrests and detention by security forces and paramilitary groups were young male Tamils.

Even still, two years following the end of the war, Tamils in Sri Lankaremain the primary victims in comparison to their southern Singhalese neighbors.


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