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She is popular in the world from her own single Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops! Blu Cantrell was from the upper middle class family born as Tiffany Cobb in Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America to Susi Franco. Once there were also some rumors about her sex orientation but it was not official.

Blu Cantrell was interested in music since her childhood days.

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Blu cantrell dating

According to some sources, Cantrell is currently single.

There are many who would like to make her their girlfriend after all who wouldn’t love to be this gorgeous singer’s boyfriend.

Her parents got divorced when she was in her childhood days. Edit Blu Cantrell was interested in music since her childhood days.

She also recorded several of her audios on her own. With the start of 2000s fortune came in her side and in 2001 she was offered her first singing contract.

On Sunday, the first Blu in Jay-Z’s life took to Twitter to congratulate the new parents and toss her two-cents in about the baby’s controversial and convenient name: Now, we’re not saying that Hov coerced Bey into naming their first born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend, but he did just name is first-born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend.

Ladies, would you be in favor of naming your child after some broad that your husband used chop down???

In custody: Singer Blu Cantrell - of 2001's Hit 'Em Up Style fame - was reportedly picked up by police in the early hours of Wednesday morning and taken to hospital for a psychological evaluation after running around the streets in Santa Monica claiming to have been given 'poisonous gas' Oh how the mighty have fallen: The 38-year-old - seen here in 2007 - is said to have played the 'Don't you know who I am?

In case you’ve been under a rock, out of the loop, or in jail for the past 15 years, then you know the proud papa Hov used to date R&B singer Blu Cantrell some years back (see where we’re goin’ with this? As you may have seen there is tons of speculation and conspiracy theories behind why Jay and Bey named their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, so let’s just add this lil’ tid bit to the already ridiculous rumor mill shall we?

She has achieved immense success and is able to amaze people with her achievements.

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