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The second big piece of bot discovery news is the launch of a Discovery tab on Messenger, where people can see their recently used bots, browse bot categories, see trending experiences or search for specific bots.

Users will be able to check out a preview screen about what a bot does before starting a conversation with one.

Developers need to submit a form with this preview information to be included in the curated tab.

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With today’s updates, bot developers will have good reason to fight through the churn rates and lack of user understanding.

With 1.2 billion users on Messenger, there are plenty of people who could try their bots.

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I haven't been this awestruck since I saw the first i Phone.

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M will now start to suggest bots from outside developers that could serve a need that users are talking about.

For example, if someone says “we should order food,” M could recommend’s bot for making an order.

This list is divided in different "books", one for each category, collecting the different websites as links.


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