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" --Job 1:9 What happens if you rewrite the story of The Three Little Pigs from the wolf's point of view?

It was certainly not because he couldn’t afford all the pleasures that lead to sin; Job was one of the wealthiest men of his time (Job 1:3). The land of Uz was highly populated and had several kings or "sheiks" (Jer. But Job had an attitude toward sin that left it no chance to get a toehold in his life. And he gave no opportunity for it to contact him later.

It’s not enough for Christians to avoid the sins they find attractive but stay in the vicinity where they can be found.

He charged that Job had selfish motives for serving God. He tries to convince us that evil motives are good and that good motives are evil.

Lord, we admit that we are often intrigued with Satan's subtle reasoning, especially when it feeds our own selfish desires.

Someone once suggested that when many Christians flee from evil, they leave a forwarding address. Because he did more than fear God; he also shunned evil.

They may not want to be immersed in sin, but they do want to stay in touch. The word translated "shunned" can mean "to rebel" or "to revolt." You could say that Job found sin revolting.But when we are entering scenes of recreation and pleasure we should be more than ever careful to put on our armor, and by previous meditation and prayer prepare ourselves for the inevitable temptation; and when it is all over, and the lights are down, we should quietly review our behavior under the light that streams from the Word of God.If we then are made aware of frivolous or uncharitable words, of jealousy because others have outshone us, or of pride at the splendor of our dress and the brilliance of our talk, we must confess it, and obtain forgiveness and restoration.Job 1:5 Job said, It may be that my sons have sinned and renounced God in their hearts. Job was not wrong, therefore, in supposing that his children might have contracted some defiling stain. Amid the general hilarity and the passing of the merry joke, words are said and thoughts permitted which are not always consistent with the character of God and His glorious kingdom and service.He was sneezing, not huffing and puffing, when the straw house just happened to collapse.


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