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Based on magmatic variation, the Andes can be divided into four zones: 1) the northern volcanic zone which includes Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, 2) the central plutonic zone in Peru, 3) the central volcanic zone which includes Bolivia and northern Chile, 4) the southern plutonic zone in central Chile (Mc Nulty et.

The U and Th concentrations and isotopic compositions were measured with high precision but poor spatial resolution using TIMS.

It is demonstrated that LA-ICPMS provides an effective method for precise measurements of the U concentration at high spatial resolution.

The N-S oriented Cordillera Blanca Normal Fault (CBNF) cuts the Cordillera Blanca along the western side of the mountain range with a 35-45 dip for about 210 km.

Apatite fission-track analysis of six samples from granites in the footwall yield ages that range from 1.8 to 4.2 Ma.

The combination of all the uncertainties results in uncertainties of on the age at 95% confidence level.

This can, however, be improved by reducing the uncertainties on the internal radionuclide concentrations and distributions.

This stripping of electrons causes the atoms in the insulating solid to repel each other creating a cylindrical void of disorder in the solid (Wagner & Van Den Haute, 1992).

In geologic settings, virtually all tracks formed in zircon and apatite are from the natural fissioning of .

Displaced moraines and trench studies across the Cordillera Blanca Normal Fault indicate a vertical uplift of about one mm/yr.


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