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"Usually this conversation comes up when people are talking about pornography and the idea that women being tied up or spoken to in a humiliating fashion should not be arousing," Ms. "And yet, there are women that are turned on by that.

I start breathing a little harder and I feel him listening closer, He replies, "baby where are you? I love my guy talking dirty to me at any time as long as its just us listenin lol!

It's such a turn on for me to hear what he's thinkin/ wanting to do to me or with me.

then ask her if she likes being all of them & she says o yeah **** me like a *****. I try to make our sex as passionate and meaningful as possible and not just **** like animals, thats why we not just talk dirty but we... Soon im begglng to please let me at least suck her toes. knowing i cant do anything but watch drives me crazy... I mean I can’t all the time but if she is in a real horny mood, I first tell her I love her and then start the dirty talk. It usually goes something like this: "Hey, babe, did I tell you about the... I don't mind if it's over the phone, in an e-mail, or in person (well - it is always much better in person). I turned around to see it was a beautiful Latin man. Sometimes talking dirty alone can just get me off, i swear... Nothing turns me on more or gets me closer quicker during sex than when my partner talks to me.

i tell her am the boss & to suck & **** me ***** or ur gonna get spankd & slapd arnd til am please it just comes out naturally...the passion fills me i cant help but look into her eyes and talk dirty to her....way she looks back at me drives me wild ..if she talks back to me its even better Dirty talk turns me on, a lot. I like calling her my little ****, my little ***** and telling her how I'm gonna **** the **** out of her, how she's the best **** I ever had and stuff like that. Im obsessed with the idea of being tied up and a woman doing a striptease . I call him on the phone and he answers, I tell him that I have been thinking about the last time we f*cked and how swollen he made my p*ssy. To hear him moan in my ear, I love when he smiles, and moans ... You say the right thing to me and i'll be all over you... Tell me how much you love my tight little *****, or how bad you want to **** me In The ***. I think it's a turn on when you are in bed having sex and you and your partner talk dirty to each other. When my husband starts talking dirty to me, I get a rush that turns up the temperature in my body and causes the fluids to...

"Men are becoming more bashful as women are becoming more confident," she wrote.

"It's quite sad, really." David de Jong, a former University of Toronto psychology student who now researches sexuality at the University of Rochester in New York, recently ran a study on sexual preferences and found that about 50 per cent of women rated dirty talk as "either strongly or extremely enjoyable." So if you are currently a mute dude when it comes to mating and are wondering if she'd like your two cents from the gutter, the answer is: She probably does. Maybe you are the sportscaster." For bashful types – and she says she talked to quite a few guys who had this issue – she recommends starting out with someone else's words. the life of rock stars – the turbulence and the indulgence." Part of talking dirty can involve theatrically using the language of degradation. My wife is very shy and reserved regarding sex talk. I put it in and and said, wow its like Niagara Falls in here. Yet as I was thinking about what leads people to that conclusion I realized that perhaps hers, and others... I actually did hear that once during an intense make-out and going to third base a couple of years ago. We had some fun that night so she was still filled with my love seed.She really has the most amazing nipples and she knows I love them... I remember in high-school, I was shy and quiet, even during sex. She just said "I am just telling her how you ****** me in the *** last night". When I was younger and at the start of my sexual adventures I always felt uneasy and cumbersome with dirty talk. I wasn't that keen on it and I scoffed at the thought of it. Nothing is sexier than having my partner talk dirty to me during sex. I was wearing a very seductive , red mini skirt with a black top. And then someone will be like "*****, suck my ******* **** now...While we watch **** i start calling the actresses bitchs ****** & *****. We not just talk about any random things but we talk about how much we love and appreciate each other. I love to talk dirty with my wife when she is in the mood…a few drinks usually helps. It was like I was going to lose "the quiet game" if I spoke up during sex. If I am just not in the mood (which is VERY rare), all he has to do is start by talking dirty and I am so there. My friends and I were dancing, when I felt someone grinding on me from behind. I love talking dirty during sex, and love when my partner does the same.Iused to find it difficult to verbalise cos i don't use foul language or talk filth in everyday situations etc...


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