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Nice guys – the kind that you don’t respect as much – want only to please you, and will bend over backwards to do so. It’s necessarily not a sign of weakness; it may be a sign of wisdom.

They’ve learned that you’re going to assert your will no matter what they say, and they find it easier to ask directly how to make you happy. Nice guys just want to get along, which can be a good thing when you’re a strong-willed woman.

Want to find a man who can pull off the balance between nice and arrogant? Just don’t keep on doing the same thing – chasing alpha males and waiting for them to change.

And what’s the point of making a decision that’s likely to be vetoed anyway? After all, you’re going to have less conflict with a man who puts your needs above his.

Your other choice is to date the selfish and arrogant alpha male, who usually puts his needs first, as you can tell from years of trying to tame the charismatic types. 😉 But I know for a fact there are plenty more of us out there.

And the one thing that I consistently hear from women is this: I want a man who is a leader. ALL of my clients have careers, yet the majority still want to feel protected, preferably by a tall, broad, successful man who can bring home the bacon, wipe away the tears and beat up the bad guys, if necessary. You figured out what you really want – an alpha male who is nice! Someone to make you feel excited and safe simultaneously. Which is why most adult women have largely grown out of their bad-boy phase. So instead of dating the rebellious teenage rocker, you date the 44-year-old guy who’s never been married. And if the nice guy wants to please you, why should he even bother to make any decision that you’re just going to overrule anyway?

And yet you often meet men who don’t mesh with you.

As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, I spend a LOT of time talking to women on the phone about their love lives. The attractive alpha males are egocentric commitment-phobes.

In fact, I’ve participated in so much girl talk, I’m like an honorary girlfriend at this point. I want a man who can take control – start his own company, book his own vacation, and yes, even be dominant in the bedroom. ) It’s really easy to see why this kind of guy is attractive. And as much as we’ve evolved as a society in terms of gender equality, there’s still a primal urge where many women long for a taste of a traditional marriage. The nice guys are bland and wishy-washy and don’t turn you on. So if it’s so hard to find one of these mythical beasts, what are you to do? In fact, as one of those men, I’ve got a lot of ideas on that very subject, but before we get to those I have to give you credit for knowing one big thing: you can’t change guys. Your intentions are pure – you want what you want – but the message that you’re sending to him is unmistakable: You can be a leader and make decisions, as long as I have final approval.

The utility of lead (Pb) isotopes as tracers of particulate contamination and as chronostratigraphic markers was assessed in five lake sediment cores from the Great Lakes and southern Ontario region.

The marker for smelting of highly radiogenic ores in the Upper Mississippi Valley in the mid-19th century was seen in the Pb isotopes in four lakes expanding the geographic range of this established marker into southern and central Ontario.

This marker is useful for age-dating sediments deposited in the 1800s in archives where it is present.

The estimated dates for this ~ 1850 marker using other dating methods span a range of 57 years, emphasizing the importance of the marker as a tie-point for extrapolated dates in the 19th century.

'The leadwork of a window needs replacing after 100 years or so'.

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