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Discovered in 1972, Ciuadad Perdida is the remains of an ancient city lying in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia.

Visitors make the lengthy trip through the jungle to see the 169 terraces built into the mountainside.

Though it has a sordid past with drugs, the city is now a popular place for salsa and expats.

It has totally changed its image and is now one of the top “it” places to visit in the world.

Building methods and historical, architectural and social context were all presented in a more than satisfactory manner.

Colombia is South America’s second most populated country and it is home to an astonishing 10% of the world’s biodiversity.

Take in incredible nightlife that goes late into the morning. One displays archaeological finds and the other is an ethnological museum.

The main draw here is the 78 open burial tombs and accompanying paintings and sculptures. Competing with Medellin for the title of Colombia’s prettiest city is Cartagena, one of the country’s fashionable seaside resorts.Colombia’s capital is a mishmash of architecture: skyscrapers tower over intricate churches and cafe-lined plazas.Bogotá also has excellent museums with free entry on Sundays (be sure to see the Museo del Oro, one of the world’s largest collections of gold). Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tierradentro boasts two museums.Most tours involve taking a boat up the river and a stop off with an indigenous tribe before arriving at Amacayacu National Park to begin your trek.Prices will vary depending on the duration of your trip, but expect to pay at least 150,000 COP.Colombia may not be the first place you think of when planning a dive trip but there are some top-class sites in the country.

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