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So first of all, we want to say that everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and no one should feel attacked for what they think.However, we also wanna add that we shouldn’t make opinions and judgments based off of assumptions and rumors, as that does none of us any favors.

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Don’t you remember how angry Woohyun was when fans started to believe in his dating rumors, he literally said “I said it’s not true, so stop it already.” He was angry, because with that you saying that they’re liars and every sweet word they said, was just scripped or something. INFINITE is one big family, more than just idols, they are brothers.

We know how lazyass members are, they are so lazy that update sns once or twice in a month (Well except Sungjong and Namu) but those past weeks they’ve been VERY active on Vlive and sns, so what the hell again, they suddenly will disband or something? But I still think that Sunggyu will be next Woollim CEO. Don’t you think that you’re hurting their prides with those stupid rumors?

They’re planing an fanmeeting as I heard, they still have many shedules planned so it doesn’t make a sense that they will disband. Maybe they won’t renew their contracts and make their own label, how most of old K-POP groups do. How many times do boys need to show you, that they still want to be singers, Namu is injured and probably in pain everyday, but even this isn’t stopping him.

During That Summer Concert, when Dongwoo wasn’t there, they were holding his photos and leaving space where he would stand, with it they were showing that there is no way that INFINITE will ever stop being OT7.

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(7) Text submissions must be submitted anonymously.There was a video and gif, but I can’t find it anymore. And the girl is no other than, Nari.———————————————————————-All these infos are gathered from korean online sites.But all you may say, it’s just a rumor but these fans are extremely keen on the eyes and they get it right. (Cracks up)SY: My standard of a bad boy is a guy who doesn’t know a woman’s heart. If I were a girl, I might’ve been anxious all the time because of Sunggyu-hyung. He’s the one who’s the most different when it comes to his actual self and his stage self. ”, but as soon as he sets his foot on the stage, he transforms into a bad boy. (Laugh)DW: Once I’m in love, I’ll go through water and fire for her. SG: Someone who is cute, sexy, and speaks the same language as me. She doesn’t have to do the house chores, because I’m really confident about my dishwashing and laundry skills. But even if she sucks at cooking, it’s okay because we can just eat out. ” It probably wasn’t like they were born saying, “I’m going to be a fan of INFINITE!If I was really dating, I wouldn’t have made it to the shooting today, this early in the morning. SY: Someone who will raise my child well, because I’m going to give her my all and cater to her needs anyways. ” When fans talks to me in banmal, there are times when I want to ask them how old they are. This post was written by both ohmangotango and dayounggie.


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