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A lack of confidence is the bond which glues us to mediocrity.

With confidence coaching, you’ll be able to walk tall and proud, feeling a strong sense of security and self esteem. For more info and to apply: Confidence coaching application I’ve been teaching men how to improve their love lives since 2011.

At the beginning of 2008 he appeared on Keys to the VIP, a Canadian reality TV show where men compete against each other to pick up women in a large night club.

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Derek cajun dating coach

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[fimage] Cajun Pua real name is Derek Cajun and he is a fellow Love Systems dating coach.

I would hear the stories of the girls they met, or of girls I knew and had a crush on but couldn’t bring myself to talk to.

Through sheer luck I managed to meet one cool girl in my mid twenties, but as a clingy and spineless guy, she broke up with me and left me feeling even more depressed and alone.

You’ll learn dating skills, the psychology of dating, social confidence, and how to meet women in any situation.

The end goal of my programs is to make sure you’re more confident than ever, and have options so you can get into quality relationships.

Learn from my experience and gain insights on dating which will put you ahead of other men.

Long term coaching programs are comprehensive, and focus on building you up as an unstoppable man.

Below you’ll find a list of mentoring services offered by myself here in Vancouver, and worldwide.

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