Updating roof antenna in co ops

Caught off-guard by his prey supposedly coming back to life right in front of him, Thunderwing left himself wide open when Muzzle disengaged and Nightbeat blew up the Autobot's fuel core at close enough range to send Thunderwing packing into the waves to dose the flames.Hosehead then returned to the Ark with Nightbeat and Siren.

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During the Matrix Quest, Nightbeat led Hosehead and Siren on a search of the planet Pz-Zazz for any sign of the Matrix.

Pz-Zazz was on file as a vibrant, lush world; in reality it was a cesspool, festering with mob violence and untamed decadence.

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While questioning the wrong sort of people, the Autobots were caught in the middle of a crossfire between B'hgdad's men and Gutt's boys.

One alien on the street fared worse than they did, passing on a mysterious bird statue to Siren before dying in his arms.

Through Waverider's information digging, Nightbeat learned that Deathbringers were mechanoids designed to give death painlessly to the terminally ill.

Though this particular Deathbringer's purpose had been twisted, Nightbeat devised a means to use its own programming against it.

The two seem to have been of one mind even before they were binary bonded.

Shortly after being made a Headmaster and joining Optimus Prime's crew on Earth, Nightbeat learned of a mysterious robot corpse which had seemingly washed up on the Californian shoreline.

Nightbeat clued Optimus in on his plan, and the Deathbringer was told that its own body was diseased, and that it should destroy itself.

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