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Their daughter Chamathka, a charming and obedient girl carries on a minor business as a designer of bridal wear and she carries on an affair with Sader Suriyabandara. Their affair is opposed by Chamathka;s parents for they think that he is not suitable to their status.

Her elder brother, Nilrel is in abroad while her elder sister Dahara is a journalist.

In most recently concluded “Raigam Tele Awards 2011” Nehara and Menaka were chosen as the most famous tele drama actress and actor.

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Two of them were married after an affair of two years and had several arguments during that period.

“My parents were initially against our marriage because of the clashes we had, but I had my own ideas as we were in love for a long period.

Though he shows the outside world a contented life, inside, he regrets that the past glory is gone. These rented houses are comfortable high-class houses owners of which have mostly gone abroad.

There are two reasons why Ridgeway likes this kind of rented house.

Ridgeway Kallapatha is the eldest son of Clifford Kallapatha-a proprietary planter.

As a child and a youth he led a life of luxury being a member of the privileged class.At least I thought that way, but all of my efforts were in vain and I finally decided to go to my parents house”.According to Nehara , she was living with her parents for the last couple of weeks.The arguments increased after the marriage and we were so closed to be divorced couple of times, but being a popular star among the general public I had to act in a responsible manner” “ Nirmal cannot control his anger” said Nehara.“There are ups and downs in any family, but as an adults we should be able to solve through discussion.He uses that motorcar because he is compelled to keep it as he cannot afford a better one.


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