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There would be so many things to list that a web site is not the best place to put them on. And of course feel free to tell us what you have been desperately seeking for monthes or years, Cds or vinyls. For now here are some of the interesting things which have been around lately.

)When I started looking at the different dairy breeds, all I cared about was the flavor of their milk.

I tried a couple different breeds’ milk and there were some that had that all too familiar musky/goaty flavor. When I tried the Nigerian Dwarf’s milk, it was amazing!

Male goats that are castrated (WETHERS) are nice too.

Male goats that are intact (BUCKS) can be aggressive and bite/head butt.

They give off strong pheromones that change the female doe’s hormones too. But actually, I probably spend 10-25 minutes a day taking care of them. When they go into labor, I spend probably 3-4 hours with them, but that’s only once a year.

In the end, unless you want to really start a herd of goats, you can just borrow a buck once a year for breeding time (or take your female does over for a visit to Mr. When we want to go on vacation we call up a fellow goat friend and do a trade.When I first was interested in getting a goat or two, I had NO IDEA how it all worked. We use essential oils for our health care needs, we homeschool our kids, and now we milk goats. Male goats are called BUCKS or BUCKLINGS as babies.Hopefully I can assist some readers out there in their research and maybe I’ll even convince you naysayers to get a goat yourself! And just think, next year you can send out Christmas card photos of you and your goat. If a male goat has been castrated (neutered with simple rubber banding) they are known as a WETHER. Many say it's dead, a smart one said "jazz is not dead, it just smells funny". Here at Music By Mail we receive a lot of offers, information, press releases that show the ever continuing vitality and diversity of jazz. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT MUSIC .... Goats are herd animals and they will be super sad (and LOUD) if left alone. Yep, we bought just one goat at first and that dang thing was always bleating and calling out for a friend. A cow, a sheep, a horse—they find friends in these creatures too.


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  2. He repeatedly told his mother, “this is not finished. City officials still sought to keep Kostreva from using photos that might identify Slivinski as a Philadelphia firefighter and offered to look for someone from another city to take his place in the calendar.

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