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Whether you need to make a trade, want to check how your world currency rates changed, or find out the latest market news or macroeconomic releases, the right information can be found by using the appropriate app.There are myriad financial apps available for your smartphone or mobile device, both free and paid.Net Dania Forex provides a valuable market overview for anyone interested in the FX markets.

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FX Trader Magazine provides in depth economic reports, fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, education, interviews with successful traders and market experts, trading psychology studies, and reviews of various forex trading tools and resources.

Cost: Free Never before has it been easier to access the foreign exchange markets at any time and any place from the palm of your hand.

Currency has a great user interface that's colorful and easy to use.

You can search multiple currencies and make quick conversions with a calculator-like tool.

If you're abroad or simply curious, there are some great currency converter apps that can help you figure things out.

Whether you're trying to figure out just how much money to bring on a trip or you're wondering how your dollar stacks up against the rest of the world's currencies, check these apps out.

Cost: Free Coin Trader is an app that allows users to get quotes and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and literally hundreds more altcoins.

Trades can be made between cryptocurrencies or between cryptocurrencies and national currencies.

Exchange Rates are delivered in lightweight JSON Format.


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