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Reply My wife, dogs, and I have stayed at many hotels, including La Quintas in Texas, Kansas, Washington, Nebraska, and Montana. Your Inn in Spokane, however, still maintains a reasonable standard of cleanliness, the employees are attentive, polite, and professional.

The Inn at Lincoln, Nebraska, is just the opposite.

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Keep in mind our key worked at 230 in the morning when we arrived back to the hotel after all the rooms that were on the 3rd floor were booked out our room key still worked to enter the property.

However, I requested the number to cooperate from the front desk and because I was in a room on the third floor they refused to give me the number!!!

The pictures on their website was not how the hotel looked upon arrival, in fact we were woke up at 630 in the morning both morning’s to construction workers beating and banging.

Secondly due to 5 rooms under one name and the hotel supposedly having a complaint about one room all 5 rooms were asked to leave without the hotel giving a warning that they were to loud, instead they call the police and ask all 5 rooms to check out without a refund.

Today, the company operates over 700 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Tagged as: la quinta corporate, La quinta corporate address, la quinta corporate office, la quinta corporate office phone number, La Quinta Customer Complaint desk, La Quinta customer complaints, la quinta headquarters, la quinta main office VERY DISSATISFIED!We all went out came back our keys worked we got in without a problem.Once again woke up by the construction workers at 630 in the morning then at 830 housekeeping knocks then walks in we told her we would be checking out soon she said ok 10 mins pass I was getting in the shower butt naked then the door pops open with another house keeping lady and 3 police at the door.She sees that I’m naked and shuts the door so I wrap my towel around me and approach the door very angry at this time, the police state we were asked to leave I let them know the girl that worked lastnight stated we could stay because we were not part of the distrubness that supposedly occurred lastnight.She reports she was not there lastnight and was told our room was one of those that was asked to check out.I couldn’t even get the name of the manager to make a complaint!!! Reply I was going to stay at the La Quinta Inn at The Woodlands North, 28673 I-45 North, The Woodlands, TX 77381, 281-367-7722.

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